Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives

Mission and Objectives
Liberty Films – Mission and Objectives

The aim of the Liberty Films is to foster an appreciation for film, video, other moving-image media, audio and techniques and to preserve and disseminate knowledge about them as powerful means both of aesthetic expression and cultural understanding. Liberty Films serve and seek to expand a multinational and multicultural community of artists, creative people and audiences through round the year exhibition, education, annotation, advocacy, encouragement of artists and celebration.

The main objectives of the Liberty Films are follows:

(1)  The objectives of the Company shall be as follows: –

(A)  To manage shutting spot of foreign movie, documentary, music video, advertisement, etc. to be carried out inside Nepal.

(B)   To make movie of both small and large screen in foreign and different local language and release it both inside and outside of the country.

(C)   To make documentary, release, sale and distribute it.

(D)   To make direction of music video.

(E)   To make advertisements of production.

(F)   To perform fashion design, fashion show, modeling etc.

(G)   To publish magazine related to advertisement, fashion or modeling and film.

(H)   To make and direct different types of television programs.

(I)   To produce awareness or information oriented audio and video programs.

(J)   To perform event management inside or outside of the country.

(K)   To import or export of equipment which shall be used in film sector or lease or sale or distribution.