Affiliated Services

Affiliated Services

Music Video Production in Nepal: We offer comprehensive services for your music video production, from conception to execution. Leveraging top-notch freelance talent in the industry and minimizing the overheads of a large production house, we deliver class and creativity at the most competitive price in Nepal.

Corporate Film Production in Nepal: Small to medium-sized businesses located away from major cities often struggle to produce quality commercials or corporate films within their budget. Large advertising agencies can sometimes pressure them into unnecessary expenditures. Our team of creative thinkers understands your needs and delivers what you want, all within your budget.

Complete Shoot Management in Nepal: This service is ideal for companies from around India and the world looking to undertake any kind of shoot in Nepal. Whether you’re a magazine looking to shoot still photos at exotic locales, or an advertising agency or production company wanting to shoot a documentary, television series, or even a feature film, our services are at your disposal.

Based in Kathmandu, the hub of the film industry in Nepal, we have affiliations with numerous media houses. We can handle all your location scouting & booking, equipment, and travel needs. We’ll take care of permissions and hire the best professionals needed for the shoot at the most competitive rates. For all your casting needs, you can trust our associate company, Nepal Filming, Nepal’s leading casting and model agency since 2006.

Celebrity and Talent Coordination in Nepal: If you need a celebrity to grace your event or occasion, or perhaps dancers or singers to liven up an evening, we can coordinate these services for you efficiently and cost-effectively. Whatever your needs, just reach out to us.