Commercial Film Productions

Commercial Film Productions

Commercial Film Productions In Nepal
Commercial Film Productions In Nepal

Commercial Film Productions in Nepal

Research in Nepal: Upon receipt of your script, we will provide a preliminary research report featuring location ideas and production suggestions. We offer information about:

  • Nepal Visa
  • Crew and Vendors
  • Equipment Availability
  • Casting and Extras
  • Location Research and Scouting
  • Studios and Sets

We treat all projects with utmost confidentiality; your information and concepts will not be shared or discussed beyond our company directors. We are always open to working under a nondisclosure agreement.

Pre-Production in Nepal: We can develop a pre-production schedule tailored to your needs, offering support in:

  • Final Budgeting
  • Banking and Financial Issues
  • Hiring Local Crew
  • Casting Local Actors and Extras
  • Location Scouting and Permits
  • Housing and Transportation Arrangements
  • Customs and Immigration Procedures
  • Administrative and Legal Services

Production in Nepal: Our policy is to work closely with your production team, providing any necessary help and support to ensure a smooth production process. During shooting, we provide:

  • Personal Support and Supervision
  • Lab Development and Dailies
  • Offline Services
  • Wrapping and Returns

Post-Production Facilities in Nepal: We arrange for films and television serials in Nepal to be re-telecast on foreign channels. For live telecast of any event from Nepal to any other foreign country, we can arrange satellite unlinking by OB van and obtain special permission from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

Whether it’s commercial film productions or feature film productions, Nepal offers a unique and cost-effective location for your next project.