Fashion Photography In Nepal

Fashion Photography In Nepal

Fashion Photography In Nepal
Fashion Photography In Nepal

Fashion Photography in Nepal

Our team of expert fashion photographers, with a background in fashion and textile design, specialize in garment photography. They capture unique and attractive apparel from various locations across Nepal. These photographs serve as inspiration for fashion designers, helping them create unique outfits that align with the latest trends and the evolving fashion landscape, all within a defined budget.

Industrial Photography in Nepal

Our industrial photography services include capturing images of essential machinery and infrastructural facilities, whether they are yet to be installed or are already operational within the industry. We document various tools and equipment used within the industry for record-keeping purposes. Our industrial photographers, who have a deep understanding of machinery and their processes, handle this task.

Music/Video Album Productions in Nepal

Video Production:

Our experienced and creative directors film videos on Digi Beta, Super 16 (Film), and 35mm (Film), depending on the budget.

Music Production:

We offer assistance to producers in their song production. Various folk and modern instruments can be recorded live as per the producer’s requirements.

Our Portfolio

We have had the privilege of featuring some of our national and international models/celebrities in Nepal’s No.1 entertainment online magazine, Some of them include:

  • Ms. Colette Glazer
  • Ms. Ayako Nagano
  • Ms. Dorota Nvotova
  • Ms. Tereza Nvotova
  • Mr. Ram Bahadur Ghale

If you aspire to become a model in Nepal, please do not hesitate to contact us.