Contact Us

Contact Us

Liberty Films Pvt. Ltd.

G.P.O. Box No. 21255,
Narayanhiti Palace Museum North Gate Rd 414/2f,
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Phone: 0097714511001 / 009771420914
 (नोट: भाडामा लगाउने उपकरण सेवाहरू विदेसी परियोजनाहरूको लागि मात्र प्रदान गरिनेछ। क्षमा प्रार्थी छौँ: नेपाली व्यक्तिगत परियोजनाहरूको लागि भाडामा उपलब्ध गरिदैन।)

Note: The equipment rental services are provided to who we are coordinating their filming projects in Nepal, we do not have such services for the individual person who wants to hire/rent those types of equipment.

We’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you.