Camera Rental

Camera Rental

Camera Rental In Nepal
Camera Rental In Nepal

(नोट: भाडामा लगाउने उपकरण सेवाहरू विदेसी परियोजनाहरूको लागि मात्र प्रदान गरिनेछ। क्षमा प्रार्थी छौँ: नेपाली व्यक्तिगत परियोजनाहरूको लागि भाडामा उपलब्ध गरिदैन।)

Note: The equipment rental services are provided to whom we coordinating their filming projects in Nepal, we do not have such a services for the individual person who want to hire / rent those equipment.

Liberty Films is here to get you, not only the Camera rental /Hire in Nepal in any format (DIGI BETA,BETA, HDV, DV, DVCAM in NTSC/ PAL) but a complete television production unit (VTR, SWITCHER,MIC,PLAYER,RECORDER,LENS,LIGHTS,CRANE,TROLLEY & TRIPOD) at competitive rates.

CAMERA:Sony HVR-Z1P / Z1U (HDV / DVCAM /DV), DVW-700P / DVW-790P (Digi Beta), DSR-500P / DSR-570P (DVCAM), D-35 / D-50 (Beta SP) with 1P Dockable DVCAM recorders,  PD-150P / PD-170P (DV / DVCAM) and other brands (Panasonic, Canon etc.) are also available.


Canon J9, J11, J12, J20

Canon HJ40 X 14 Elite wide angle, anamorphic kowa, arriscope lenses, uttra prime, zeiss super speeds, cannon tele, cook zoom and lenses.

FUJINON A13 & A 22


Sennheiser mikes – ME 66, MKH 416, 500 series, Shure audio FP 33 field mixers


Sony DVW-A500 Digi Beta Recorder, J3 Digi Beta/ Beta Player, PVW-2800 Beta Recorder, PVW-2600 Beta Player, DSR-80P DVCAM Recorder,  DSR-45P DV / DVCAM Recorder, DSR-11 DV / DVCAM Recorder


Canon EOS Still lens adaptor, Sony PVM 14 L1 / L2 Broadcast Monitors, PVM 9 L2 Portable, Broadcast Monitors,  Batteries, Wide angle adaptors for Sony HVR Z1P / PD 150 / PD 170 cameras


HMI – 1.2KW, 2.5 KW and 4 KW, Solar – 2KW and 5 KW, Baby – 1KW, Porta kit, Battery operated Sungun

Trolleys and Cranes: 

Camera trolley – Straight / Round, Crane – 12Ft. and 24 Ft.