Nepali Film Industry to Adopt New Moniker: ‘Cinemandu’

Nepali Film Industry to Adopt New Moniker: ‘Cinemandu’

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In a landmark decision, the Nepali film industry, previously known as ‘Kollywood’, is set to embrace a new identity as ‘Cinemandu’. This unanimous resolution was reached at a pivotal gathering of key film industry organizations hosted by the Film Development Board. Nawal Khadka, the esteemed President of the Nepal Film Producers Association, confirmed the development.

Khadka elaborated, “A trio of potential names was put forth for consideration. However, ‘Cinemandu’ emerged as the favored choice, receiving unanimous support. Additionally, we have resolved to commemorate Ashoj 15 as the National Cinema Day.” He further noted that the name ‘Cinemandu’ has garnered widespread agreement, and the board is actively arranging a subsequent meeting to formalize the decision.

The assembly witnessed the participation of delegates from the Film Producers Association, the Film Association, the Indigenous Film Association, among others, who collectively endorsed the name change.

The proposed designation ‘Cinemandu’ is now poised to be forwarded to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Following this, it will be tabled at a cabinet meeting for official endorsement. With the cabinet’s approval, ‘Cinemandu’ will be enshrined as the official appellation of Nepal’s vibrant film sector.

Source: sahityapost